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PER Plus Logistics

PER Plus Logistics B.V. is a logistics company based in Zevenbergen, near Breda in The Netherlands.

PER Plus specializes in the bulk transport of liquid chemicals, including hazardous chemicals, in tank containers and “flexitanks” to and from locations all over the world.

This can be a complex undertaking, involving liaising with haulage companies, shipping lines, customs offices, collection and destination depots and, of course, the customer and providing each with relevant documentation and information. Any one customer order can involve several container loads, each of which may need to be collected, loaded, moved, cleaned and returned between multiple locations. Each order then has to be billed to the customer which can involve individually charging per container load for loading, returns or additional costs pertaining to the entire order.

Detail from the Tanks form.

To do this I spent time talking to the PER Plus team, learning about the business, their procedures and many essential details of transport logistics. A prototype application (based on a Microsoft SQL Server database) was ready pretty quickly, and then we spent time refining it, adding and adjusting features and testing the end result. PER Plus went live with the application in early 2009. It’s been at the core of their day-to-day business since and enabled their processes to meet with ease the requirements for continued ISO 9001 certification. Regular updates in the meantime have added functionality and improved ease-of-use.

We encountered many problems running our old product flow system on MS Excel. Having explained these to Paul Clancy he analyzed our processes and implemented them as a perfect workflow process application. It is a pleasure to work with 360Data.

Rob Kruyswijk, Director